On page means that you need to do the SEO on your pages in your websites.On Page SEO normally assigns to the text and content on your web site pages. Basically editing your page and content so the Search Engine can find your webpage when a surfer is searching for your web sites particular topic.On Page Elements assigned to the html tags within the page.
They include Heading Tags, Title Tags, Bold Tags, Italic tags on your web page. Optimizing a website that has tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dynamically created pages, requires thinking separately. Old school SEO, where you place each page a keyword theme depend on keyword research and hand-craft a title tag, H1 tag and intro copy, then figure out the best internal links to send to the page, just doesnt scale with big sites.

On Page SEO tactics are for positions where there is a certain amount of command over web content. Some content management systems assign little more than page creation and newswire services, while adaptable, do not offer full HTML editing. So its influential to do the things that are possible and work with the web development team to make any programming changes that can have a important, positive impact like making title tags editable.

When optimizing news content, whether its press free, case studies, white papers, past media executive videos and photos, there are a set of basic site optimization guidelines to follow like a checklist that can help secure the publishing of more search engine friendly content. On Page keyword optimization of news content to be effective for an organization, it should be flattery with ongoing training for anyone in a position to add PR connected content an inbound link. Making content optimization and link accession part of a common process allows companies large and small to incorporate SEO benefit into the overall content and marketing strategy.

On-Page SEO Mistakes:

1. Under-using keywords.

2. Choosing the wrong keywords.

3. Poorly organized site structure.

4. Using images in place of text.

5. Not including keywords in URLs.

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